There are few places in the world where you can find so much natural beauty and variety concentrated in such a small area. Take some time to get to know Slovakia and you will be rewarded by the many surprises and attractions that you will discover between the alpine peaks of the Tatras mountains in the north and flat lowlands of the proud Danube River in the south. Slovakia's location at the heart of Europe and a favorable climate make it a great place to travel.
Slovakian Castle

A considerable part of Slovak natural heritage is protected within nine national parks where you can admire the beauty of nature untouched by human hand and mountainous regions that have something to offer visitors both summer and winter.

Some of Slovakia's most famous natural beauty lies in the karst regions of limestone canyons and caves, which cover some 1158 square miles. Best known are the Slovak Karst, the ‘ice cave' and the Aragonite Cave in Ochtina, all UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Slovakia is also rich in cultural and historical heritage; the old mining town of Banska Stiavnica, with its numerous beautiful monuments or the dramatic Spis Castle, the largest medieval castle and grounds in Central Europe. Or there's the folk architecture preserve of Vlkolinec, and the 14th-century town of Bardejov with its castle complex and Gothic and Renaissance houses.

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